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Cannabis Flowering Stage

Social Social Home Social Explore. Search Search seeds. Search Advanced search…. Cart Loading…. Log in. Dark Mode. Contact us. Search forums. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter old. Ford Start date Dec 6, Tagged users None. Glad to see the site is doing so well. I am currently having a problem that I have never seen before.

My plants are in the second to third week of flower and they have developed NO and I mean not even a small amount of trichome production from a batch of seed that were prolific in that regard. The plants look good are healthy and have no other problems. Have you ever heard of this happening. Now the only thing that I have done to them was took two cuttings to clone and sealed the cut by dipping in some cloning goo but that shouldn't cause this, or what do you think.

Best Flowering Stage Tips For Cannabis

Could seed age be the cause? Thanks, old. I have some strains that take a while to frost up. Week 4 or 5 will probably bring some happiness to you. Poor genetics if you ask me. I have had this happen. Grew plenty of buds but zero smell and almost no trichomes. For your sake i hope its not the genetics and in no time you will have trichome production.

What Are the Tiny Red Hairs on Weed? [Explained]

With the genetics i have i always see trichomes as soon as i see bud sites.It is only when you truly study the marijuana plant that you begin to understand the various parts of its anatomy.

There are plenty of people who know when they grow a good batch. They can tell the difference between an indica-dominant hybrid and a sativa-dominant one. Table of Contents. For example, you have the:. The tiny hair-like strands that protrude from it are called stigmas. Stigmas collect pollen from male marijuana plants. Once these hairs come into contact with male pollen, they become pollinated. Initially, the stigmas of the pistil are white.

As harvest time approaches, these hairs get darker and progress from yellow to orange. Then they turn red, and finally brown, depending on the strain. Once your female plant is pollinated, it develops seeds and moves its focus away from producing resinous flowers. As a result, your weed becomes less potent. In general, young male cannabis plants develop preflowers before females.

You can confirm that your feminized seeds are female in the first weeks after germination.

lots of pistils no bud

If you purchase regular seeds, you can spot whether or not they are male at this point. Pistils can poke out randomly from young marijuana plants. As a result, you should scrutinize them to spot preflowers quickly.

If you see a white hair emerging from several nodes, you have a female plant. Depending on the strain, it could take up to eight weeks of vegetative growth to confirm female plants.

This is why we recommend purchasing feminized seeds from a reputable seller. If you spot a male plant, remove it from your garden as soon as possible. Otherwise, it will fertilize the rest of your crop. The stigmas in the pistils are long hairs and can help you determine when a plant is ready for harvest.Hey there and welcome back to Free The Tree!

This is one exciting part of her life! Take some pics to compare the evolution! It depends on the type of nutrient and your strain.


Our advice is the same, follow the indications given by the manufacturer but reduce the levels a little. If your plant shows some deficiencies apart from Nitrogenadd a little more nutrients in there.

Would be too bad to waste your harvest just because you forgot to stop giving them Nutrients at the end of the cycle. Phosphorous basically has the same use during the Vegetative and Flowering stage, with a couple exceptions. Once the stretch starts the plant will redirect it from the root growth to the blooming of the flowers. Apart from that, it keeps on being part of the formation of the oils, sugars and starches and the photosynthesis process,all of which is necessary for the plant to thrive.

Potassium basically acts in the same way during the whole life of your Marijuana Plant. On top of that, when Cannabis gets to the flowering stage, Potassium is essential for the development of the flowers. You will also see the bud sites appear, starting with pistils and growing into small budlets. By the end of the stretch your plant will have fully stopped vegetative growth and will have formed all her bud locations. Stretch started a couple days ago. Mid way through the Stretch — Pistils starting to show.

Stretch Has ended, all the bud sites have formed. Once your plants have finished stretching and her budlets are well formed she will solely focus on developing those buds. Pistils developing and bud starting to fatten. Nutrient wise you might want to increase PK solutions a little to give her a boost, without overdoing it.

This will increase her flower production, meaning bigger buds at harvest! But if you over do it she might get Nutrient burn which creates leaf mass loss, meaning less photo-synthesis which will lead to less energy, thus smaller buds, so be careful! Trichomes Starting to appear on plant. Apex starting to be covered with Thrichomes.

Within a couple days you will see new pistils come back out and grow, increasing the size of your buds. Pistils are not the right way to define the moment to harvest, observe the trichomes for that. White pistils starting to grow back out of the bud. At least 2 weeks before harvesting you want to start flushing your plants.

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lots of pistils no bud

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lots of pistils no bud

JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Lots of white pistols, but no actual bud. Thread starter OxyGrow Start date Jun 21, OxyGrow Member. But i see no actual bud! Is this normal? This is my 1st grow so any advice is appreciated. How does it work? Do the pistols merge to create the bud or will the bud grow seperately at some point? Pics attached.

lots of pistils no bud

Your plants look fine. Those white pistils will keep popping out and gradually create your "buds". JohnBaked Active Member.Well, no worries. All it requires is careful observation.

Here are two basic ways of determining the optimum time to harvest marijuana.

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The easiest way to determine whether your plant is ready to harvest is to simply look at the plant. In particular, you want to look at the white hairs, or pistils, that cover the plants buds. As the plant matures and the flowering period comes to an end, the white hairs which initially stick out straight begin to darken and curl.

Harvest at this time for more of a psychedelic head high. As your plant matures further, THC breaks down and oxidizes from exposure to air. As this happens the plants chemistry changes, making for a more calming, sleepy, body high.

For a more accurate method of determining the ideal time to harvest, you will need to look at trichomes. Trichomes are tiny, glandular, outgrowth on the leaves and buds of your plant. They often have stalks and a bulbous head, looking similar to a mushroom.

Take a close look at the trichomes with your magnifying glass. Clear colorless trichomes are an indication that your bud is not quite ready yet.

When your trichomes are more opaque or milky in appearance then you should start to get excited. This is when THC is at its peak. For the most potent buds, with the most psychoactive effects, harvest when most of the trichomes are cloudy. Eventually the trichomes will turn amber or gold in color. Some strains will even turn purple or red.

If you Harvest when most trichomes have changed from milky white, to one of the colors I have just mentioned, you will get more of narcotic, stoney, body high. Awesome tips for when I get to grow my own. For now I will just watch and smoke, I got no green thumb but cheers to those of you that do! Thanks for your feedback!

Growing, just like anything else requires a passion. Hopefully you find passion in whatever aspect of the marijuana industry that suits you best.

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No, thanks. I don't want to subscribe. Marijuana Growing Forum. White pistils turning brown prematurely. Apr 5, 1. Joined: Mar 8, Messages: 41 Likes Received: 1. I am only week 4 into my flowering stage. I noticed some of my pistils are turning brown. Its not in one specific area. I notice some at the bottom, the middle, and close to the top. I only have 2 plants, and they are both females, only.

Digital timer. Gen Hyd flora series Big bud formula I keep the light atleast 12 inches away Any thoughts? ArtyCannabisApr 5, Apr 5, 2. Joined: Jul 19, Messages: 2, Likes Received: Forums New posts Search forums.

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Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. Log in. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter Tundra Start date Jun 22, Tundra Member. Harrekin Well-Known Member.

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Im guessing that your talking about the CFL's equivilent wattage, not the actual wattage? EDIT2: Im baked, sorry! Dont cut fan leaves off, think of them as the solar panels for the plant and have you been monitoring pH, PPM, etc? The w CFLs are ridiculously good if you keep them right on top of the plants Sounds like you have the wrong spectrum of light.

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First off, you really should have at least a W equivalent per plant. Using 2 W equivalents per plant is better. If you're concerned about electricity consumption and cost of cooling, then CFL's are the best way to go.

You HAVE to make sure you have the right spectrum though. During the flowering stage, the plants need the Red Spectrum CFL's, those will be the "soft white" bulbs. Avoid the other spectrums. I remember when I was first getting my CFL's from Home Depot and Lowe's, they had a strange third kind of bulb that had another spectrum. I don't remember what it was now, but it cancelled out the red and blue spectrums, so it would basically just be on above the plants doing nothing.

Don't go with those green or gardening bulbs either.

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Those won't help with flowering. They sure do make your plants look nice and healthy though. Don't be fooled. Sounds like you're chugging along though.


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